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Subaru OEM Crash Bolts 2013+ BRZ/FR-S/GR86

From the factory, the BRZ and 86 cars come with two different-sized bolts that connect the front strut to the knuckle. One of the bolts is fatter than the other. The skinnier bolt is smaller than the hole it goes it to allow for some small amount of camber adjustment at the knuckle. If you were to swap ANOTHER smaller bolt for the fatter bolt, and run TWO skinny bolts, you could tilt the knuckle in even more relative to the strut, and gain a bit more camber.

To that end, we offer this set of two OEM "crash bolts," so you can swap them in and get additional front camber that makes the car turn in so well at the track or autocross course. This option is so important because these OEM factory bolts dont stretch above 90ft lbs the way aftermarket bolts to. These use the OEM nut that is already on the car. You are able to torque these bolts to MUCH higher levels while gaining extra camber. 

Set of two bolts. Fits all Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota 86/GR86.