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Racecomp Engineering Spring/Sway Bar Combo 2022+ WRX

This is a great starter suspension package for your 2022+ Subaru WRX! You get a full set of Racecomp Engineering Yellow sport lowering springs, plus upgraded front and rear Racecomp Engineering sway bars, for one low bundle price.

The Springs

RaceComp Engineering’s classic Yellow springs offer an excellent combination of function and form for the 2022+ Subaru WRX. Subaru has again advanced to a stiffer body structure with the VB-chassis WRX, which is based on the latest Subaru Global Platform architecture and is 28% stiffer than the outgoing VA chassis. After extensive analysis of the 2022 WRX suspension, RaceComp Engineering arrived at a spring perfectly matched to the OEM dampers (both fixed and adjustable), with a ride height that completely changes both the look and the driving feel of the car. 

Lowering is 25mm front and rear. Spring rates are 360 lbs front and 370 lb in the rear. Our goal in developing these springs was to take full advantage of the more rigid chassis structure for high levels of comfort and excellent handling, while substantially lowering the center of gravity.

The Sway Bars

Racecomp Engineering sway bars for the 2022+ were designed with both the street and track or auto-x enthusiast in mind. These can help you dial in the exact response you want from your vehicle.


  • 24mm diameter (15-39% stiffer than stock)
  • 2 adjustment holes for a total of three stiffness settings


  • 22mm diameter (56-104% stiffer than stock)
  • 3 adjustment positions for a total of five stiffness settings.

Each bar comes complete with polyurethane bushings, lubricant, and a Racecomp Engineering decal you can apply to the bar (or wherever else you would like).

This combo package fits all 2022+ Subaru WRX, including GT models.