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Racecomp Engineering Coilover Covers

Racecomp Engineering coilover covers protect the threads, springs, and spring perches of your your Racecomp coilovers (or any similar-sized coilovers) from the various hazards your car might encounter out in the world -- mud, gravel, leaves, sand, snow, you name it.

Our coilover covers are constructed of tough neoprene with stretchy elastic at both ends for a good tight seal. Extra-wide and full-length hook-and-loop fastener strips make for easy install and removal. The Racecomp Engineering logo is added in red for a classy look.

Note: These covers will keep most road-borne debris off your coilover threads and springs, but although they will resist splashes, they are not waterproof, and if you submerge your coilovers or you drive in heavy rain, you might want to remove the coilover covers after the fact to allow everything to dry out. Leaving water-saturated coilover covers installed with water inside for long periods of time could lead to corrosion. As with any aftermarket part, care and feeding of your coilovers and these covers requires vigilance.

Set of four coilover covers. Black in color.

300mm length fits most Racecomp coilovers, and just about any other coilovers made for Subaru applications, but measure first to be sure.