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Whiteline Steering Rack Bushing Kit for WRX/STI (2008+)

NEW UPDATED VERSION - MAY19, 2009 - INCLUDES EXTRA PASSENGER SIDE BUSHING TO COVER ALL RACK SIZES!! This High-Performance Steering Rack Bushing Kit from Whiteline. Whiteline's unique design offers improved steering control and response, while at the same time reducing steering thump and shudder. The dimensions and durometer of the polyurethane bushes have been selected to minimize lateral compliance with minimal change to NVH.

Kit Contents:

* 4 x Half-Bushings
* 1 x Passenger side Bushing - 46mm inside diameter
* 1 x Passenger side Bushing - 48mm inside diameter
* 2 x Steel Crush Tubes
* 1 x Bush Removal Kit
* 1 x Grease Packet

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