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Originally Posted by Chris P
I have been running the RCE Blacks for about a year now and have always felt that the car was a touch over sprung. I received a set from the first batch and became very familiar with the MY08 hatch and the way it handles with the RCE Blacks installed.

I beta tested the Bilstein’s for the 08+ STi and my initial impression was that the ride was very smooth and handled small bumps very well. I live in Michigan where the roads are terrible. As I drove over larger bumps I was amazed at the lack of movement from the car, it remained pretty planted. As I approached a red light, still going 50mph, I waited until the last second and dropped the anchor. My car is set up with 14” Stoptech 4 Pot rotors and Performance Friction brake pads (PF01). The car stayed totally flat. The shocks are quick over hard bumps and allow you to positively feel each bump. In Michigan they use concrete for their freeways so there are many stress cracks in equal distances apart causing the car to get into a light bounce. It feels a bit like a boat going over waves. The Bilstein’s do a great job of absorbing the waves. I can’t wait for my next track event.

At the track:
At the track event I give it a solid 2 thumbs up. All around it was amazing. The feedback was better and under hard braking the car felt much more balanced and there was much less weight on the front of the car. It did not feel like the car wanted to root or hunt as much. There is a much better weight balance. I know everyone likes coilovers, but I don’t. Nothing beats a good set of springs and shocks for everything from winter driving schools to going to the Glen in August.

The Setup:
Most of the money I have put into the car was for suspension. I have every bushing that Whiteline and Powerflex has made, even some stuff from TIC. I also have Stoptech 14” rotors. When we installed the shocks we set them to the lowest setting to give the most rake as possible. I would highly recommend the RCE Bilstein Kit to other STi owners. Myles and RCE/GTWorx have done a great job building yet another great suspension add-on.