Racecomp Tarmac 3 Clubsport Coilovers 2008+ STI/2015+ WRX

RCE Tarmac 3 Clubsport coilovers are a three-way damping adjustable coilover, allowing adjustment of compression damping in both the low and high speed range as well as rebound damping adjustment. Damping can be adjusted at six levels for low-speed compression, fourteen for high-speed compression, and 20 for rebound with precise clicks for each change. This level of flexibility and tuning is not generally available at this price range and enables an extraordinary level of control over the damping characteristics of the suspension.

Innovative hybrid monotube and twintube construction features a piggyback canister containing a divider piston for compression valving. Rather than relying on spring-preloaded needle valve and deflection disks on the compression side, non-preloaded valves with distinct metered orifices allow for more consistent fluid flow through the valve, which means a consistent difference is felt for each click of adjustment. This is a big improvement over how most shocks control compression damping. Oil and gas are kept separate in the canister and 100 psi of nitrogen pressure provides a small amount of lifting force and platform for the chassis.

Featuring the same INOX stainless steel coating, dustboots, and durable seals that KW Suspension is known for, users can drive year round without worrying about rust or premature weathering. These are a true Clubsport coilover that can be both raced and daily driven. Since 2007, Racecomp Engineering’s Tarmac line of coilovers have been winning national autocross championships, class and overall time attack wins, and helping Subaru enthusiasts go faster at the track.

Tarmac 3 Clubsports continue and enhance this tradition by providing another level of performance beyond the now classic RCE Tarmac 2 coilovers. Extensive development, including testing on the track, street, and KW’s seven-post shake rig make the Tarmac 3 Clubsport an excellent choice for track enthusiasts looking to take the next step for their vehicle’s suspension.


  • Hybrid monotube/twintube damper construction
  • 3 way damping adjustability (low speed compression, high speed compression, and rebound)
  • Stainless steel INOX coating for excellent durability
  • Custom spring rates available
  • One-year limited warranty (includes main and helper springs)

Set of four coilovers, plus spanner wrench and allen key for adjustements.

Fits all 2008-2020 Subaru WRX STI, and 2015-2020 WRX.